Wrong word for Pran-Prathistha

Lot of people in Media are using word “consecration” for Pran-Prathishtha in context of Ram Mandir …It is christian term and has no meaning or relevance for Hindus ….

The word “consecration” is inappropriate, as it has a specific meaning in Christianity. It refers to the act of transforming bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ – the consecration of bread and wine in the Eucharist. It also means the ordination of someone to a holy office, usually that of a bishop.

Hindus have longed for the temple in Ayodhya to be built for centuries. This temple will not only symbolize Lord Ram’s glory but also India’s. Therefore, we should avoid words that might cause theological confusion or misunderstanding. I urge all the parties involved to refrain from using the word consecration and consider alternative words such as inauguration or dedication……Best is to use word “pran-Prathishtha”

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