What you can do to STOP FRAUD christian conversion here are 5 steps !!!

What can you I do to help? This is the most common question I get So here are a few things you can do. I want to keep this straight and simple, everybody can do one or all steps.

1Support NoConversion effort on Social media, awareness of the problem is half of the solution. Raise Christian conversion issue at all forums, meetings and discussions. IF more people are aware of the issue and how FRAUD is being done. More people will join the effort to help stop the conversion.

सोशल मीडिया में support करे, फेसबुक twitter , youtube की पोस्ट  शेयर करे . दुसरे लोगों को पता चले की यह इसाई मिशनरी क्या कर रहे है

facebook page like/share – Click here 2Talk to your friends and family because social media is not enough. Check with them if they have been approached by a Christian missionary or not. This is extremely important step, Majority of Hindu dont know what is happening in their own extended families.

अपने घर में बात करे, अपने दोस्तों  अपने  भाई, बहेन से पूछे कहीं  उनको कोई इसाई तो नहीं बना रहा  है ?

YouTube Channel – Click Here 3Make your local group, of volunteers, friends. This is also a very important step. If you can not make your own  group join a local Hindu group. Any group which is working in your area to support Hindu festival, Hindu traditions and Hindu culture.

अपना ग्रुप बनाये, यह फिर  हमारे ग्रुप्स के साथ जुड़े.

Join NoConversion Team  4

Give your time and money  to your community, make your local Hindu community strong.

If you have money give money, if you don’t have money give your time and effort.

Don’t ask questions or start doubting without reason, first get involved and show to your community that you are here to support. A strong community means a strong nation.

अपने हिन्दू  समाज की सेवा  करे , और उनके साथ जुड़े. पैसा है तो पैसा  दे , पैसा  नहीं है तो  श्रम दान , अपने आस पास  हिन्दू संस्था  को  मदद करे. जो भी आपको ठीक  लगे

5Learn about Hindu philosophy, from a Guru. Do not doubt everyone that all Gurus are bad and not worthy. For example, if you wanted a degree in engineering or medical, you went to college and took lectures. Follow the same process here, Gurus are teachers follow the process

If you have knowledge about our Vedic tradition, you will have a better understanding on how to fight

हिन्दू वैदिक ज्ञान को समझे , गुरु ही है जो आपको सही दिशा  दिखा सकता  है ..



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