CAA and NRC why people are not asking right questions

FIRST QUESTION to Confused Hindus destroying Public Property

There was no need to create #CAA or NRC , if these Pakistani and Bangladeshi  had shown the same courtesy, what Indian Hindu did for Minorities in INDIA. Why Hindus living in Pakistan or Bangladesh are being persecuted?

It is amazing Confused , Secular Left Hindu are blaming INDIAN govt? why nobody is asking the very important question why all these bills are even needed ?

SECOND QUESTION Pakistani  and Bangladeshi Govt

How many Pakistani Muslims have stood up to show support for Hindus/Sikhs living in Pakistan? ZERO, not a single Pakistani has shown support to “Pakistani” Hindus and Sikhs.  Why Indian media is not asking these questions to the international community?

In India, large groups of confused secular Hindus are out destroying public property. In almost every protest across all the universities you can clearly see that students have not thought about the real issue. Why Pakistan and Bangladesh is not taking care of its own citizens?

they are not seeing the fact that #CAA is for refugees and persecuted ..not for Citizens of #India


Not many people know that “Hindus” from Nepal and SriLanka are also “excluded” from #CAA ,  just like “Muslims” from Pakistan and Bangladesh …but Hindus are not protesting or burning public properties to show support for them?


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