Bro or Ram Ram ?

Almost all Hindus think that saying “Ram Ram”  or “Namaste” or  saying “Hare Krishna”  is backward…

You can try saying this in your own family, instead of saying “Hello”  greet others with “Ram Ram” or “Hare Krishna”

and they will see your with strange looks as if you have abused them..

The irony is that you are Hindu and the family member is “Hindu” but they feel ashamed to use “Hindu” greetings.

On other hands, it is very fashionable to say “bro” or “dude”  and “hello” to each other WHY?

Many people don’t know “Bro” or “Brother” is what Christian call each other. Because it works in the culture they have, they think every human being come from a single family or “adam and eve” and three sons they had. It means they “Adam and eve” had only three kids  and all were the Male child, and these three kids started this world less than 6000 year ago !!! So three male children who were brothers to each other started this whole world 6000 years ago, which means all humans (male) are brothers … so next time you call someone “Bro” please understand what you are saying …



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