Goa HathKatro Khamb, where hands of Hindus were chopped

80000+ Hindus hands were cut off near this pillar of which 50% are konkan Brahmins. The one who ordered this was Francis Xavier .
Thousands fled to the present state of Maharashtra and Karnataka. He was rewarded for his brutality and conversions and later made a saint. Hindus being the regular fools visit his grave in Goa and pray. Those that wish merry Christmas to fellow Hindus is no doubt considered a loss to the sacrifices made by their ancestors. #HathKatroKhamb

The inquisition was the darkest and most dreaded chapter in the history of colonial Goa. It was introduced in October 1560 at Old Goa. The Hatkatro Khamboo today is a symbol of the horrors of inquisition let loose by the Portuguese ecclesiastical authorities on the Hindus.

On the Hatkatro Khamb of Old Goa there is a short Halle Kannada inscription, which must be of the ancient temple from Kadamb era.

The inscription which reads as ‘DAYADNYA’ alongwith the number four in Kannada was discovered by Dr. P. P. Shirodkar, Director of Archives, Archaeology and Museum when he had gone over there on October 15 to look for the vestiges if any of the dreaded Goa Inquisition.


More on https://www.hindujagruti.org/hindu-issues/hatkatro-khaamb/history

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