Om Shanti or RIP

How to Identify Confused Hindus?

You can identify  easily, they always state “Rest in Peace” or RIP when someone dies. But ask them what is “resting in peace”?  Atma Never takes rest, bodies dies and Atma either take rebirth  or it will go to Moksha or go to Golok eternal abode of Krishna in his seva.  The main reason is that they have no understanding of Vedic philosophy and our teachings. Abhramic religions which are started by someone  follow this path of burying bodies so that one day they will be live again.

In Hindu traditions, body goes back to its basic elements  and “atman” takes rebirth or get Swarag or Nark ( temporarily). Only Moksha or Golok  is permanent

Another Confused HINDU, mentioned that for Christian and Muslim they will say RIP.

Absolutely WRONG if you are changing your OWN view based on someone else religion, you are agreeing to that view. If you are firm believer in Vedic teachings, “Atman” for everyone is same

Atma never rests never dies.

What should HINDU say then ?

Om Shanti

“Aatma Ko Sadgati Prapt Ho”

“Atma get Seva of Shri Krishna or Ram “

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  1. July 8, 2021

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