Fake healing is most common method of conversion

You must have seen many videos  and social media posts about the fake healing.  This is the most common form of conversion tactics used by Christian missionaries, for a simple reason that when people get sick they look for easy and fast recovery from sickness

Christian groups are using the PROMISE of healing to convert people. They promise that if you start accepting “jesus” they will get better, they create a false narrative that only their God can save them from the sickness, but there is a condition you have to Convert first.

Hindus need to ask them questions

Q: If everything is controlled by God, why did anyone got sick to start?  does their version of “God” is blind or not capable of knowing?

Q: Why  all these “miracle” healing only happen on stage? Why none of the Christian pastor go to Hospitals with real hospital and cure real people 



Everyone, can help in stopping conversion if you challenge these FRAUD missionaries to prove that they can do healing.  They can never prove that, but they have a readymade answer, that they don’t do healing but “jesus” does healing.   Then why did so many popes have died? every Christian pastor, every Christian healer who has  physical body  that body will cease to exists because of age. This is how nature works !


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