How to use Social Media to help stop conversion

Many people ask me “how do I find about about Christian missionaries coming to INDIA”. Simple method, I search in Twitter and FB and google everyday I see 100’s of results. You can search for the following terms and see how many christian missionaries land up in INDIA everyday. Here are some examples you can use, search for terms listed below

“India Mission trip”

“India Church planing”

“Share Gospel with India”


@sushmaswaraj and @meaindia have already blocked or muted me, but you can report them to authorities. Because majority of the Christian Missionaries who come to India come as “Tourist” and not as “missionary”  because tourist visa is given to them on arrival and it is valid for 10 years, multiple entries. On the other hand missionary visa takes longer time to process and it is valid for single visit of 6 months

These Christian Missionaries fully understand and know that what they are doing is illegal. But they still come as Tourist, because our Govt does not enforces current law.

It is illegal to do missionary work in INDIA as Tourist. So they are breaking existing INDIAN laws.

We do not need new law to STOP them, if Govt want to act strong it can deny VISA.

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