What is Church Planting?

Hindus need to understand the basic language used by Christian Missionaries and evangelical groups

Church Planting is a term which is used to describe the process of starting a new church Where there was no church. There are many steps in church planting

1- Step One – Identifying the area. Christian Missionaries look for remote areas, with a large number of people who are very poor or some backward areas of society. In poor areas, they get cheap land and nobody pays much attention

Step 2 – Start collecting funds for the new church.

Missionaries group put together a proposal for a new church, and they start collecting money.


Now the Christian Conversion process starts

Tribals and people with little or No-Education are the first people who get converted

Now they start building a church, now these newly converted people are called in. Many time they buy houses and make them a Christian church

Now all conversion techniques are applied, like fear-based conversion, threats, money, medical, fake healing and many other FRAUD methods



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