Medical missions or another way to convert

Missionaries come to India,  through various means. One hidden and not so obvious way is to come through a “Medical Mission”.

India definitely has many challenges related to the Health and Christian Missionary very well know how to take advantage of the situation

Free Medical Camp? or another conversion attempt. Majority of the foreign Christian Missionaries who come to INDIA to do “medical missions” are not Doctors. They don’t have any degree or a license to practice medicine. They could be nurses or medical assistant

Not qualified to do treat anyone, as the Indian Government  does not have any rules or regulations so these people can come without any checking

This is a “Medical treatment”??


Medical Camps like these are not authorized by anyone.


Christian missionary who posed as Doctor in Uganda…is charged with death of 100 children …in INDIA also Christian Missionary do “Medical Camps” with no permission and no Qualification …

An American Missionary Has Been Accused of Posing as Doctor, Resulting in the Deaths of African Children

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  1. November 18, 2018

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