Diwali is not Christmas !!

Many Hindus living in the west  have developed an habit of being agreeable to everything which is being said about Hindu tradition and culture.

One example is of comparing two festivals or two different events or two different texts and comparing them to be alike.

Diwali is one such festival Where many Hindu  commonly say, Diwali is like Christmas. This is a BIG mistake ! Diwali or Deepavali  has no connection or resemblance or even the same teachings as Christmas.  Diwali is primarily a “dharmic” festival . Everyone knows, Diwali is the day when Bhagwan Ramchandra came back to Ayodhya after killing Ravan and completing his 14 year “vanvas”

Diwali represent Victory of Good over evil, this is also commonly said.  However Diwali is victory of “Satvic” values over “tamasi” desires.

Christmas on the other hand, is a “pagan” festival where people give gifts and it is also celebrated as birth of jesus.  Many scholars and Christian communities strongly disagree and they say jesus was not born on 25 Dec 

Christmas has no such messages like Victory of good over evil or any other religious or spiritual messages. In all practicals sense it is “material” festival where people spend money on Gifts etc.

By comparing these two different festivals and calling them alike, is one mistake every Hindu should avoid.



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